Why Decentralize Power in A Democracy?

Presented to the Conference on Fiscal and Administrative Decentralization
Baghdad, February 12, 2004

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¨Democracy has swept throughout the world as a basic value and framework of governance over the post three decades.  And decentralization is increasingly coming to be seen as a fundamental democratic principle. 


It is not enough for people simply to be able to choose their national leaders in periodic, free, and fair elections.  In countries of moderate to large size, a good democracy requires that people be able to elect their own local leaders and representatives, and that these local governments have some real power to respond to the needs of the people. 


In short, decentralization is increasingly being demanded from below, through pressure from the grassroots, and is embraced for its potential to enhance the depth and legitimacy of democracy¨



Investment decisions voted on by the token holders. Voting proportionate to size of token holding?

Platform development decisions with platform governance token.

No central board.

Board of advisors guiding community decisions. 

Foundation structure in Gibraltar. Trustees required. 

Securitised Token

Token Ticker: DDAI


Token will potentially provide access to distributions and rewards for holders. Voting Rights.  

Register token as a security. 

Use of foundation structure in Gibraltar for decentralised platforms. 


Existing funds law applicable? 

Research through Finance

Can Blockchain or artificial intelligence  be used to decentralise democracy? 

Is Blockchain needed to improve current voting systems?

Can a community control governance?

Analyse voting behaviours and test governance protocols using blockchain and tokens. 

Security Token Offering
All token sale proceeds made available in investment pool
All investment 
decisions made
by token holders and not a central 
investment manager
proportional to 
token holdings
Voting Protocol to trigger buy or sell orders
Profitable Trades
10% Platform 
90% distributed 
profitably between Token Holders
governance and voting
Connect Wallet holding 
DDAI (Toker Ticker) to access 
Two token strategy. Each holder of DDAI granted 1  governance token
token for voting on
platform development
Platform Integrates crypto exchange trading technology 
Platform Integrates crypto exchange trading technology. Buy and Sell voting.   
using Blockchain 
Universal System for Voting.
How can we apply decentralised voting on blockchain platforms to address voter distrust with current voting systems?
Test voting methodology and practice via blockchain
Build a trusted, secure blockchain platform that facilitates simple voting. 
Explore commercial applications of D-C-D blockchain technology.